Hi, I am Josh Trivedi

Software Developer | Computer Vision & AI Enthusiast

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What I do

Machine Learning

I've had a lot of interesting projects over the years in the Data Science domain, including specially in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Intelligence. Working with pre trained models, to training them myself. I've worked on projects based on facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, Object tracking, visualization of data, Machine Learning Models, and Artificial Intelligence Projects.

Software Design & Deployment

Working with and around programming languages was what I was intrigued by, from a younger age, I started programming when I was 13, and had a really good command on Java, after that I kept improving my skills and learned C/C++, Python, JS, C#, Kotlin and many frameworks based on them, and till date I have made a number of Native Java applications, Android apps and games, Browser Web Forms, Websites, worked with APIs and Cloud Services, etc.

Research & Development

Recently carried out a Research Internship with Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, ON, Canada, and worked full time with Prof. Loutfouz Zaman, On a physics based tilt interaction application, also contributed to many Research projects hosted by my university, and have had exposure to different strategies to gather data using surveys, stakeholder analysis using fishbone diagrams, Empathy Mapping, and much more to create a solution that meets all the client requirements.

Presentation and Volunteering

The skill of a Computer Science student is not limited to his/her problem solving and his RGB Keyboard, but also in his/her presentation skills and the enthusiasm towards the project. To train for the same, I always took active participation in organising events, seminars, webinars guest lectures, technical workshops, social and cultural events, and what not, where I was exposed to my Orater side at a lot of department level and International Level Presentations and Seminars.

My Skills

Who I am

Being a Designer & Developer makes me happy

I am a 21 Year Old Final-Year B.Tech Student currently studying Information and Communication Technology at Marwadi University, Rajkot.

Some non-technical interests of mine include reading and writing in my free time, I also like travelling and meeting new people, exploring new places and music.

I have completed many cross domain projects throughout my bachelors, that include using proficiency in SQL, Swift, Spark, Hadoop and Docker Essentials too, but I have much more to learn, and hopefully in the future I am able to acquire more skills to add in my portfolio.

My favorite music genre is pop, but the one I listen to the most while coding or working is dubstep and edm, I like the hype and adrenaline rush while I work. another peculiar thing about me is that I am restless and hence, I don't stop thinking about the problem or project until I have a clear vision in my mind as to how do I solve / approach to solve it. That's all from my side, at last, thank you for visiting! I hope you have a great day.

Josh in Paris

My Certifications


My Work

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Social Distancing Detector

A computer vision based machine learning project that determines whether the people are mantaining social distance by calculating the centroids of their respective rectangles, Click on the title to open the repository.

Comfortable with

International Exposure


Student Exchange in Poland

Got selected for a cultural exchange program to Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland, based on merit, and carried out different projects and Presentations, Learned a lot from students from different countries and fields, had a research project based on Fake News and got to learn a lot about Decision Making, Stakeholder Analysis, Empathy Mapping and Business Models. Technical Studies were vast and provided me a nurturing environment that allowed me to explore different domains and specializations.

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