Hi, I am Josh Trivedi

Software Developer

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What I do

Research & Development

Contributed in many Research projects hosted by my university, and have had exposure to different strategies to gather data using surveys and stakeholder mapping, and then create a solution that meets all ends.

Software Design & Deployment

Working mostly in programming and Software Developement using main stream languages such as C, Java and Python, but I am also learning and getting the hang of Front-end Dev too. Hopefully in the future I aim to be a good full-stack Developer.

Content Writing

One of the advantages of studying ICT, is that we focus not only on the Technical developement but also have Training for Technical Writing, and as an Internationally Exposed Student I have a good language proficiency in English, which makes me a good content writer.

Presentation and Volunteering

The skill of a Computer Science student is not only in his mind and his keyboard but also his presentation skills and the enthusiasm towards the project, and I have also been exposed towards the Orating side by organising a lot of department level and International Level Presentations and Seminars.

My Skills

Who I am

Being a Designer & Developer makes me happy

I am a 20 Year old Third-Year B.Tech ICT Student Currently studying at Marwadi University, Rajkot.

Moreover, some non-technical interests of mine include reading and writing in my free time, I also like travelling and meeting new people, exploring new places and music.

I have done many projects till date, with requirements such as SQL, and Swift but I haven't mentioned that because I still have much to learn, and hopefully in the future I am able to acquire more skills to add in this portfolio, that's the idea.

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My Certifications

My Work

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Project Management

Managing Projects can be hard for both Professors and Students so, This is a Software created in JavaFX that helps faculties assign projects and deadlines along with managing the Students enrollment data. Students also have access to a LogIn portal that tells them the active projects and deadlines.

Areas of Expertise

wiki:Behnam N

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